Upcoming – Levels of Digital Processing

This week will be a workshop night, and we’ll be looking at what can be done when processing digital images with several different software packages. The aim is to help us members think about what what’s possible, about what we’re using right now, and about how we might want to move forward. We may manage to explain some terminology along the way.

We’ll be looking at a wide range of apps, from free software you can use on a phone or tablet, through to industry-standard desktop tools favoured by enthusiasts and professionals.

It promises to be a lively evening, with a panel of ‘test drivers’ putting the apps through their paces, 10 minutes at a time, editing a selection of digital images, and with plenty of time for questions and discussion.


New faces are still welcome to attend two weeks on a trial basis, to see if you’d like to join us for the season. For those who are ready to join, the online Membership Form for the season is open. The membership subscription reduces by 50% after New Year, and the £27.50 can be paid by BACS or by cheque – details are in the membership form.