Last Night – Levels of Digital Processing

Last night was a workshop-ish, looking at what can be done when processing digital images with several different software packages. The aim was to help we members think about what what’s possible, about what we’re using right now, and about how we might want to move forward.

We looked at a selection of apps, from free software you can use on a phone or tablet (Snapseed), through to industry-standard desktop tools favoured by enthusiasts and professionals(Lightroom, Photoshop), with a look at some of the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence (Luminar AI) on the way.

Our panel of ‘test drivers’ put the apps through their paces, editing a selection of digital images. Tim, above, worked with Luminar AI on Ian’s snowy peak image. Graham, below, pointing a finger at his tablet running Snapseed, produced a multiple exposure combining three images he’d taken earlier in the evening. Ian and Wol took turns too, with Photoshop and Lightroom respectively.

Spending only 10 minutes on each image, we barely scratched the surface of the ‘how to …’, but we may have started to explore the ‘why’.

230118 Last night – Levels of Digital Processing: Graham Robb