SPF Placings Gallery

This page shows works by PPS members that were highly-placed in ‘external’ competitions hosted by the Scottish Photograhic Federation between 2016 and the present day (Nov 2023).

Here, we show the images, with some provisos:

  • The images shown don’t represent the entire canon of members’ works placed in SPF competitions, some of which were prints; they are necessarily ones held digitally on our website
  • Placings (1st, 2nd etc) where shown relate to how these images placed in one of our own competitions, not in the SPF events
  • This page doesn’t specify the particular year in which the image was placed by the SPF

For details of how PPS takes part in these competitions, see our External Competitions page.

SPF Print Championship

Frozen Dawn, by Ian Mackay
The Needle Walkers, by Richard Hunter, 2nd
The Road to Serenity, by Ian Mackay, 1st

SPF Portfolio

Graham Robb – Motherwell v Rangers
Wol Gilbraith – The Night Bus
Wol Gilbraith – The Sound of Sunshine
Tom Ryan – Tokyo Skyscrapers
Tom Ryan – Tokyo Train Trip Lady
Tim Haynes – Wailing Widow Falls
Sandie Smith – The Boy on the Bike
Omar Shamma – Skye Water
Omar Shamma – Skye Wilderness
Omar Shamma – Oslo Skyline 2
Omar Shamma – Me and My Shadow
John Boyd – Stuttgart City Library
John Boyd – Mountain Hare
Ian Mackay – Lighting-up time at Kirkjufell
Hillary Sillitto – Loch Linnhe Rain Squall
Annette Forsyth – Ice bird
Annette Forsyth – Sunset from Sgurr an Fhidhleir, Assynt
Birnam Gallery 2021
The Road to Serenity, by Ian Mackay, 1st
Life of Riley, by Wol Gilbraith, 1st
The Road to Serenity, by Ian Mackay, 1st
Lone Gull, by David Hay, 2nd
Autumn Seed Heads by Tony Gardner Highly Commended
Ptarmigan - Raymond Leinster
Ptarmigan – Raymond Leinster
Stag on Rannoch Moor by Mike Bell