Cultivating Novice Photographers

For the 2023-24 season, PPS is offering a bit more structured support to members who identify as ‘novice photographers’. Maybe you’re new to photography, or new to the club, and want some encouragement. If that’s you – novice members can sign up below for support, but first, read on …

Last season, one of our experienced members developed a programme in which he worked with six new photographers, by means of a series of monthly guided projects intended to help them gain confidence and ability. (You should get a chance to meet all six at the start of the season, and hear how they’ve come on over the summer.) 

We’re planning to build on this in the forthcoming season, with projects along the lines of: 

  • Month 1: Breaking out of Auto – understanding aperture/ shutter speed/ ISO  
  • Month 2: Shallow Depth of Field – playing with aperture
  • Month 3: High contrast 
  • Month 4: The notion of motion – playing with shutter speed
  • Month 5: High Key 
  • Month 6: Low Key

The exact nature and timing of the support that will be on offer will vary a little depending on what people want to learn and who’s doing the offering, but can be expected to include

  • Zoom sessions
  • Photo walks
  • Image processing sessions
  • Maybe even pub meets 

This season, instead of just one experienced member helping in this way, we’ll have several. We’ll introduce them more fully at the start of the season. 

  • Some are in Perth, others are out of town. 
  • Some are available at weekends, others through the week. 
  • Some prefer daytime, others evenings. 

The aim is that novices will be able to 

  • Get some help with their photography, where and when it suits them
  • Learn practical skills in the course of each project
  • Gain confidence to fully participate in the life of the club
  • Maybe share their progress at a Members Night toward the end of the season
  • Feel that, within a year, they are novices nae more  

If this sounds right for you, new members please register your interest here, and we’ll aim to be in touch to work out the specifics. Please note, one of the questions is for your membership number, so you’ll need to have joined for the season (filled in the membership form and paid your subs) and been issued with a membersip number before you’re eligible for the Novice programme.

As you can see from the timescales mentioned above, there’s no rush for this – if you’re new to PPS and want a couple of trial weeks before you join, you can do that, there’s time to register for this once you’re a member.

Meanwhile, for our club nights on Wednesday evenings, there will be no divisions, no streams, no separation – we’re all in it together, as equals!

Here are some images taken by some of the six-strong cohort in last season’s programme. Each has bravely shared two images – one from before they started, and one from after the series of monthly projects. See how they’ve grown!