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Hi everyone! We would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the Perthshire Photographic Society’s Birnam 2023 exhibition. We are regular visitors to Birnam Arts, and we feel privileged to be invited back here every couple of years. It’s the perfect gallery for us and we regard it as one of the best galleries in Scotland!

We have 55 framed photos on display and 85 images on a video that is being shown on a repeating cycle on a large TV. The video contains lots of stunning images! Many of the photos are for sale and can be purchased via the shop at Birnam Arts.

We are so pleased that a large number of the photos on display were produced by our new and less experienced members. They are very excited to have their photos included, since this is their first experience of showing their work to the public. We very much hope that you enjoy looking around the gallery!

If any of you are interested in joining our Society, please visit our Membership page for more information.

Warmest wishes,

Ian Mackay

Welcome ¦ Meet the Artist ¦ Info/ Map/ News ¦ Exhibitors

Meet the Artist days

We’re fortunate to be exhibiting in a gallery that’s staffed during opening hours. While the staff know how to get the digital display running in the morning, our photography is not their specialism. That’s why we’re having Meet the Artist days, when we’ll have a few of the exhibiting artists available most of the day to show you round, answer questions, talk to you about photography, point you to the cafe, and more!

Planned dates are:

  • Thu 14 Sep 23
  • Wed 20 Sep 23
  • Fri 29 Sep 23
  • Tue 03 Oct 23
  • Fri 06 Oct 23

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Welcome ¦ Meet the Artist ¦ Info/ Map/ News ¦ Exhibitors


Birnam Arts on Google Maps – for directions and general opening times

Birnam Arts web page – for their news, what’s on, and more about them

Birnam Arts Facebook page – for more up-to-the-minute news about their gallery and cafe, and any exceptions to the general

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And read here what the Perthshire Advertiser said about the exhibition:

Welcome ¦ Meet the Artist ¦ Info/ Map/ News ¦ Exhibitors


The following members are exhibiting prints at the exhibition:

Bob Bain John Boyd Yvonne Deed
Alastair Dewar Alan Edwards Lynn England
Wol Gilbraith James Herd Alastair MacIntosh
Ian Findlay Mackay Vicky McNamara Dave Moran
Nicole Morrison Jill Potrykus Elizabeth Rawlings
Graham Robb Tom Ryan Martin Samson
Sandie Smith Paul Trodden  

Bob Bain

I am a keen amateur photographer with a passion for wildlife photography. Most of my images have been taken in Aberdeen and Northeast Scotland where I lived and worked for almost 40 years. I have recently retired back to Perthshire and look forward to the new opportunities this will bring.

Puffins, Isle of May

Puffins are very comical and curious birds and are one of my favourite birds to photograph. It was great to see so many in one place. This photograph was taken on a trip to the Isle of May.
Not for sale

Gannets True Love

Northern Gannets are Britain’s largest seabird and there are several colonies around the UK. The Bass Rock has the largest colony of gannets in the world. This photograph was taken at RSPB Troup Head, Aberdeenshire, Scotland’s only mainland gannet colony.
Not for sale

John Boyd

Following a successful career in machine tools, John retired back to Scotland after many years living and working in Germany and the USA.  With over 12 years in club photography, John enjoys the whole process of taking, processing and printing his images as well as passing on what he has learned to less experienced photographers.

Highland Cottage 1

Set of three abstract prints of Scottish highland cottages located in Glencoe and Shieldaig, Wester Ross.  These iconic cottages, set in beautiful highland locations, photographed thousands of times each year by visitors, locals and photographers alike, have been processed in Adobe Lightroom to provide artistic representations. 
For sale £125

Highland Cottage 2

Set of three abstract prints of Scottish highland cottages located in Glencoe and Shieldaig, Wester Ross.  These iconic cottages, set in beautiful highland locations, photographed thousands of times each year by visitors, locals and photographers alike, have been processed in Adobe Lightroom to provide artistic representations. 
For sale £125

Highland Cottage 3

Set of three abstract prints of Scottish highland cottages located in Glencoe and Shieldaig, Wester Ross.  These iconic cottages, set in beautiful highland locations, photographed thousands of times each year by visitors, locals and photographers alike, have been processed in Adobe Lightroom to provide artistic representations. 
For sale £125

Yvonne Deed

Yvonne works part time as an office manager in a local business.  In her spare time, Yvonne is a keen photographer who has an interest across all genres of photography with particular interest in the outdoors.

A Drop Of Pepper

Experimenting dropping fresh peppers into a tank of water to see what images it would produce.
For sale £60

End Of The Line

Working with different tones to create a vintage feel to these abandoned trains.
For sale £50

Puffin With Sand Eels

Puffin with sand eels taken on the Isle of May.
For sale £50

Alastair Dewar

60 something year old Insurance Professional now easing into retirement and finding more time for my passion of taking photographs. Married to Monica with three daughters and six grandchildren, so there are always plenty of photo opportunities. Joined Perthshire Photographic Society with one intention and that was to learn how to take better photographs; still nowhere near where I would like to be, but I would like to think making progress!

Healing waters

New Year’s morning 2023 at St Andrews beach, with horses undergoing a healing process in the salt water. Just a case of being in the right place at the right time, with dramatic weather conditions. The photograph could have been better if one of the horses was black and the rider was wearing a red jacket! Perhaps next year!!
Not for sale

The Hermitage

One of my most favourite places in Scotland! Very changeable, depending upon the weather. So peaceful and tranquil, but for the sound of rushing water!
Not for sale

Hattie in the Desert

Wonderful day in the desert during visit to family in Saudi Arabia, capturing my granddaughter, Hattie, at play. In the UK we have family days in a park, but in Saudi, it is a day in the desert! Just like Broughty Ferry beach…. but with heat!!!
Not for sale

Alan Edwards

Alan is a retired technician from Perth and is club secretary of a local photography club. He is a keen photographer who treats his photography purely as a leisure activity that he can pursue in his spare time. He particularly enjoys capturing sports and nature as well as visiting different locations around the country photographing landscapes.

Playing the Blues

Street performer taken on the Royal Mile at the Edinburgh Festival in 2022.
For sale £60

Misty Loch Ard

Taken on a misty afternoon at the Eastern side of Loch Ard.
For sale £60

Trio of Trees

Taken on a winter’s morning at Craigie Hill Golf course.
For sale £60

Lynn England

Lynn is a Scottish fine art and creative product photographer based in Crieff. She loves working with natural light and shallow depth of field to highlight the subtle details that can make a view, place or object more emotive, surprising or memorable. Years spent living abroad have taught her that it is often these details in patterns, shape and colour that differentiate cultures and traditions and can represent the essence of a place. She is drawn to the intricacies of vintage objects, decorative glass and ceramics and can happily spend hours styling still life and creative product images.

Nostalgia … Vintage Neva Treadle Sewing Machine

This photograph is from a series entitled “Nostalgia”. It aims to highlight the intricate details and craftsmanship that were given to even the most functional vintage objects that were made to last. A favourite heirloom and a photogenic one too!
For sale £45

Wol Gilbraith

After many years of taking disappointing photographs of the great outdoors, Wol resolved to up his game. While this remains a work in progress, he finds himself increasingly comfortable with indoor environments as well. Ultimately, it’s about the light, and the light is everywhere, so the work becomes a process of cultivating the ability to see.

Puffin Profile Pic

This puffin is on the Isle of May, where there are 92,000 of them to choose from.
For sale £120

Pop! – Bonfire Night

The technique with this single shot was firstly to get up a hillside to see the thing side-on, and secondly, to use a long exposure during which the focus is varied from sharp to blurred.
For sale £120

Aspire to Rise Up

A foggy November night in Perth, with the tower of St Matthew’s, foot in the murk, reaching distinctively, even inspirationally, for the stars.
For sale £120

James Herd

I have served two terms as club President. I have won most of the club cups and competitions a few times over the years and am the longest serving club member. I have won two Scottish Photographic Federation Gold Medals also two International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) Blue Ribbons. I designed and built my own darkroom in my garden and that was a two-year project. In June 1993, I had my own exhibition of 35 black and white portraits of Perth people at 2 High Street, Perth. I still take the odd picture but tend to be out on my mountain bike more these days.

Self-portrait 1990

Darkroom print.
Not for sale

Sandie Smith at Kincraigie Farm, Glen Tilt

Darkroom print.
Not for sale

The Late Davie Dunn, Perth College 1990

Darkroom print.
Not for sale

Steve Lambie, Fair City Enduro, South Inch Perth 2019

Darkroom print.
Not for sale

Alastair MacIntosh

Alastair retired from a varied career in the glass industry, notably as a glassmaker/designer. He has been interested in photography from a young age, from developing black and white film to the digital present, finding inspiration in landscapes, people and the occasional unexpected things that he encounters. His camera of choice is a Pentax.

Leap of Faith

Returning to the Austrian Tyrol, Treffauer, a peak climbed many years before, looked just as magnificent. I raised the camera, then noticed the paraglider aloft, close to the summit. Mountaineering instinct gripped me. No. I could never – ever – take that step, even with a parachute!
Not for sale

Stationary Motion

We heard the whistle. “Galatea” had been a rusting hulk, rescued from the cutter’s torch. Now restored, hissing softly, the cranks and connecting rods (the ‘motion’) were at rest. Wisps of steam drifted by. With another low “whoo” from the whistle, she pulled away, heading North from Birnam.
Not for sale

A Cone For Copenhagen

No sooner does the beleaguered city cooncil remove Wellington’s irreverent head-dress than some enthusiastic and athletic citizen scurries up and places another cone on his napper. This time, the Duke clearly had a day off. Instead, his horse, Copenhagen, would suffer the ignominy.
Not for sale

Ian Findlay Mackay

Ian has retired from a career in the airline business and now spends time playing bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes and accordions; he has been playing since he was a teenager. He also loves photography. As he travelled all over the world, he was inspired by the beauty that surrounded him wherever he went and he tries to capture this in his photography. While he very much enjoys taking photos of people and nature, he just loves being on his own in wild, lonely places, photographing the beautiful landscape around him.

Frozen Dawn

I got up early. I always stop at the River Ba on my way to Glen Coe. The river is frozen and so am I. I gaze in awe at this wild landscape. It’s beautiful, well worth the effort of getting here. Click! Time to warm up. Now, where’s my coffee flask?
Not for sale

Mount Rundle from Vermilion Lakes

It’s autumn in the Banff National Park, Alberta. This is Mount Rundle. It extends for 7 miles, between Banff and Canmore, and has many peaks. There’s no wind. Perfect! I set up my camera on a tripod. Two hours later, I’m still here. No wonder! Lucky me!
Not for sale

Blackrock Cottage, Glen Coe 

It’s early morning in Glen Coe. I arrived before sunrise. Finally, the sun lights up the end of the cottage. Buachaille Etive Mòr towers in the background. Ten minutes later, the sun has gone. Never mind, I’m happy with my photos. Right, where to go next? Time for breakfast maybe?
Not for sale

Vicky McNamara


Out looking for Ospreys and came across this little chap waiting to have his photo taken.
Not for sale

Pulsatilla Vulgaris

A small flower in my garden after a shower of rain.
Not for sale


Lucky to catch this little bird rushing down this tree stump looking for food.
Not for sale

Dave Moran

Retired for the last seven years after careers in textiles then telecommunications. Live in Bankfoot with my wife Margaret and our Mini Schnauzer. I have been interested in photography for the last fifty years, starting with a borrowed Edixaflex (which I still have!). Now using Nikon digital and film cameras. Most of my photography consists of land and seascapes. I also do a photo calendar for a local vintage tractor club each year. I have a YouTube page with audio visual offerings on a variety of subjects and interests.

Three trees against moody sky

Taken from a field near Bankfoot, the evening sun was shining on the ripening grain fields and trees whilst the sky to the south was darkening with rain falling over the Sidlaws.
For sale £65

Ghost Ship

Early morning at Fortrose, this Tall Ship was appearing from the mist heading out to the Moray Firth. I felt it had the look of an Arctic explorer with frost laden sails!
For sale £65

Rosecraig Farm roof repair required

In quite a remote place roughly 3 miles along the track from Little Glenshee towards Trochry. I have always felt this was a location with a sense of contentment, despite having been abandoned in the middle of the last century.
For sale £65

Nicole Morrison

I’ve had an interest in photography for a number of years but only really took the time to take photos when travelling and never felt confident enough to edit them. After booking my dream trip to Antarctica in December 2022, and a photography course while on the trip, I decided to upgrade my camera and delve into photography further to make the most of this incredible trip. Following this trip, I joined the Perthshire Photographic Society which has greatly helped me to grow my photography skills through the support, guidance, and inspiration of other members.

Antarctic Sunset

This photo was taken at Portal Point in Antarctica during summer when it doesn’t get dark but can still offer incredible sunsets. The way the sun illuminated these bays was just magical.
Not for sale

Tay Whale Sculpture

The Tay Whale Sculpture in Dundee is a great addition to Dundee’s waterfront. I spent some time trying to photograph it and loved how the sculpture reflects in the water feature.
Not for sale

Jill Potrykus

I have been taking photographs for a number of years and decided to join PPS last Autumn. I have learned a number of skills during this time. My favourite items to take photographs of are buildings and landscapes which my photos attest to.

Misty forest walk

Taken on a cold January afternoon near Bishop Hill which is close to Scotlandwell. I liked the effect of the path and wanted to capture the scene.
Not for sale

Into the abyss

Taken at Cushendun in Northern Ireland where some scenes for Game of Thrones were filmed. This photo really presents the geological history of the cave and was taken diagonally for a more dramatic effect.
Not for sale

New York on high

This was taken at Top of the Rock which is at the top of the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan, on a beautiful summer afternoon. Although there are many photographs of this scene, it special to me as I had always wanted to visit New York.
Not for sale

Elizabeth Rawlings

My first camera was given to me around two years ago and I have been a keen photographer ever since! I enjoy taking pictures of what I see locally, especially nature. Since joining the PPS, I have been inspired to try different styles of photography which has improved my skill in photography and image processing. The monthly challenges provide learning opportunities as well as being great fun!

Hosta La Vista

It was a beautiful sunny day and the way the light caught the hosta under the shade of the tree was just perfect! The bright sunshine highlighted the shape of the leaves and the vibrancy of the green against the shadier areas made it the perfect conditions for a low key image.
Not for sale

Rusty Reflections

A misty morning in Dundee down by the harbour, a lovely old lighthouse boat just sitting in the water. A still morning gave a vibrant and clear reflection of the boat in the water. There were few people around and I was able to take my time, snapping handheld.
Not for sale

Winter White Cyclamen

A beautiful and delicate flower from the Cyclamen family flowers continually on my windowsill.  I love reflections and the added dimension this can give to a subject. In this image, the details of the flower come to the fore in high contrast to its black background.
Not for sale

Graham Robb

After a lifetime as a musician, I’m now a photographer with a particular interest in photographing people at work and at play.  My continuing involvement with the music industry gives me opportunities to photograph musicians; my recent Birnam Arts exhibition of monochrome headshots of Tayside Big-Band jazz musicians now accompanies the band on gigs. I’m indebted to my role as team photographer for Motherwell FC women’s squad for schooling me in the discipline of creating ready to use photos straight from the camera, photos which require only minimal post-production editing. 

Tayside Big Band: 1st trombone

This digitally shot and edited black and white photo of a member of Tayside Big Band is a deliberate homage to the music and photo style of the old-school wet film 10X8s of the mid-twentieth century “jazz age” in Hollywood and New York.
Not for sale

Tayside Big Band: 1st Trumpet

This digitally shot and edited black and white photo of a member of Tayside Big Band is a deliberate homage to the music and photo style of the old-school wet film 10X8s of the mid-twentieth century “jazz age” in Hollywood and New York.
Not for sale

Tayside Big Band: 2nd Alto

This digitally shot and edited black and white photo of a member of Tayside Big Band is a deliberate homage to the music and photo style of the old-school wet film 10X8s of the mid-twentieth century “jazz age” in Hollywood and New York.
Not for sale

Tom Ryan

Tom enjoys the challenge of photographing city streets at night and, if it rains, so much the better. Tom is a past President of PPS and is a regular speaker at local camera clubs.

Urban wildlife in Dundee

Couttie’s Wynd is a narrow tenement canyon lined in the heart of Dundee. Ask a local and you’ll hear “Ah widnae go there. Yi’ll git mugged!”. But it’s perfect for photography. This young lady was late for a date in the secret bar when she stopped to pose for a picture.
For sale £120

A foggy night in Perth

5th November. A thick haar rolled up the Tay and mingled with smoke from the South Inch bonfire and the exhausts of hundreds of cars to create a smog of Victorian London proportions. But – from the Rhynd road – a wonder to behold.
For sale £120


The neon-lit canyons of Shinjuku are one of the wonders of the un-natural world. But tilt the camera by 45 degrees and the effect is surreal.
For sale £120

Martin Samson

Born in Buckinghamshire and educated at High Wycombe Royal Grammar School, Martin started out life as a journalist on a local newspaper. In 1970 he joined the Hong Kong Police as an Inspector, retiring some 35 years later as Chief Superintendent. While in Hong Kong, he met and married a lovely Scots lass and he eventually retired to live in Perth. His hobbies are computers and photography, with a special interest in Scottish castles.

Tower Bridge

A replica Mississippi stern wheel paddle steamer, The Dixie Queen, passes under Tower Bridge in London. First opened in June 1894, the bridge decks are lifted for any vessel with a mast or superstructure nine metres tall. By an Act of Parliament, passage is free.
Not for sale

Sandie Smith

Sandie’s photographic subject matter is mainly the natural environment of rural Scotland but also the Roussillon and the Pyrenees in Southern France. A particular interest for her is the passage of time be it in a macro image of a dandelion clock or the shift of the seasons and their effect on the land.


This is a dandelion clock turned into something like a seeing eye as the individual seedlings drift off to create a new dandelion family.
For sale £60


This is a double exposure of Hawthorn in flower in a bluebell wood.
For sale £40

Bluebell Woods

This is a double exposure of bluebells in woodland at Taymouth Castle.
For sale £40

Paul Trodden

Until now, I have never shown any of my photographs to anyone other than my family and friends. I do enjoy photography and thanks to my mentor and fellow society member John Boyd, I now have the confidence to show some of my images. Hopefully, you will not think, “he shouldn’t have bothered”. Enjoy the exhibition.

A Wee Crater

It can be difficult to make an image of a redundant cement mixer interesting … I went in close with a wide-angle lens to turn the rust into craters.
Not for sale

A Broken Heart?

This wee heart has been built into the wall of a remote Hebridean kirkyard. Most visitors pass it by unnoticed. There is, of course, a story to it … but it’s best just to look at it and think of your own … we all have one.
Not for sale

Five Cogs In A Wheel

This gearwheel is a small but vital part of a harvester now left to rust and decay after decades of service on a Perthshire farm.
Not for sale