Competition Galleries 2020-2021

D Dall Cup 2021

Competition held 10 Mar 2021

The Mask I Wear, by Ally Bryden, 1st
Reflected Me, by Sandie Smith, 2nd
Comfortable in my Skin, by Ally Bryden, 3rd
Shooting Myself in the Head, by Ally Bryden, Highly Commended
Coalface, by Alastair MacIntosh, Commended

Simpson Cup 2021

Competition held 10 Mar 2021

Colours, by Tim Ryan, 1st

RSPB, by Alan Edwards, 2nd

Sound and Light, by Graham Robb, 3rd

Lisbon Street Scene, by Ian Mackay, Highly Commended

The Battle of Alford New, by Frank Horrocks, Commended

Colour Rosebowl 2021

Competition held 17 Feb 2021

Tblisi Night Owl, by Tom Ryan, 1st
Discovery, by Tom Ryan, 2nd
The End Of The Line, by Yvonne Deed, 3rd
Getting Past, by Mike Nicoll, Highly Commended
A Light in the Porch, by Wol Gilbraith, Commended

Peter Rourke Salver 2021

Competition held 27 Jan 2021

Perthception, by Tom Ryan, 1st
Little Wheel Toadstool, by Alan Edwards, 2nd
Feathery Sky, by Ian Mackay, 3rd
Self Isolation, by Sandie Smith, Highly Commended
White Water Lily, by Alan Edwards, Commended

Nan Borthwick Salver 2021

Competition held 27 Jan 2021

Tracks, by Tom Ryan, 1st
Fungi, by Alan Edwards, 2nd
Discovery Point, by Sandie Smith, 3rd
St. Conan’s Kirk, by Yvonne Deed, Highly Commended
It’s All about the Bass, by Graham Robb, Commended

Grant Cup 2021

Competition held 06 Jan 2021

O-val, by Stewart Riddick, 1st
oO, by Tom Ryan, 2nd
You Only Get An OO With Typhoo, by Yvonne Deed, 3rd
When Push Comes to Shove, by Alan Edwards, Highly Commended
TokyO, by Tom Ryan, Commended

PKM Trophy 2020

Competition held 02 Dec 2020

The Devil’s Staircase, by Katherine Fotheringham, 1st
Loch Tay, by Alan Edwards, 2nd
The Grandmother, by Vick McNamara, 3rd
To Implore, by Malcolm Lind, Highly Commended
An Fhidlear, by Malcolm Lind, Commended

Main Cup 2020

Competition held 04 Nov 2020

Sunset on Cul Mor, by Katherine Fotheringham, 1st
Suilven, by Katherine Fotheringham, 1st
Horgabost Showers, by Katherine Fotheringham, 1st
The Water Jump, by Yvonne Deed, 2nd
Surf’s Up, by Yvonne Deed, 2nd
Starling, by Yvonne Deed, 2nd
Blue Tit, by Alan Edwards, 3rd
Fieldmouse, by Alan Edwards, 3rd
Making a Splash, by Alan Edwards, 3rd
Almeria Sunset, by Mike Bell, Highly Commended
Girl in a Window, by Mike Bell, Highly Commended
Grasses in Snow, by Mike Bell, Highly Commended
A Rainy Night in Perth, by Tom Ryan, Commended
Edinburgh Rain, by Tom Ryan, Commended
You Deserve Better, by Tom Ryan, Commended