Last Night – Prizegiving dinner at the Royal George hotel

Over thirty of us gathered for the annual end-of-season dinner, this time at the Royal George hotel in George Street, where we enjoyed a three-course meal in a comfortable private room with sociable round tables. The projector and screen allowed us to run the Birnam Exhibition slideshow during the meal, and show the winning images during the prizegiving. And the bright and spacious room made the event photography that wee bit easier.

President Ian Mackay awarded forty certificates and eight trophies for our internal competitions, plus the Millennium Quaich for distinguished achievement. Congratulations to all the winners, the highly placed, the less-highly-placed, and everyone who supported all our activities through the season in all sorts of ways. This includes a great number of Significant Others, some of whom joined us for the evening – lovely to see you all.

Main Cup – Connor McLaren

PKM Trophy – Wol Gilbraith

240327 Last Night – Prizegiving dinner at the George Hotel

Grant Cup – Tom Ryan

Nan Borthwick Salver – Tom Ryan

Peter Rourke Salver – John Boyd

Colour Rosebowl – Ian Swan, runner-up, standing in for winner Ray Crabb who was away somewhere even warmer

Dall Cup – Lizzie Rawlings

Simpson Cup – Tom Ryan

Millennium Quaich – John Boyd

Big thanks, too, to Lizzie and Vicky for looking after the tea table every week through our season.

We’ll meet back again in October. In the meantime, our Facebook Group at Perth Photo Forum will continue over the summer as ‘an online place to learn from discussion of photography, by and for the people of Perth, Perthshire, Perth and Kinross, and surroundings’. So, not just for PPS members. And not just online – we also arrange a series of sociable photo walks. We’ll hope to see you out with your camera over the summer. Bon Vacances!