The exhibition is open

There are many joys in taking photos. For some it is about learning a new skill and finding a way to express your creativity. For others, it is capturing a moment in a favourite place, even if it is the only time they’ll be there. Some of us take a photo simply for ourselves – others take them to share with as many as possible.

We are delighted to announce that the spring 2021 exhibition is now open for viewing, as part of the Perth Festival of the Arts. While we can’t welcome you to a physical show this year, we have curated an online exhibition with more than 100 photos displayed over three rooms. 

Perthshire Photographic Society virtual exhibition is now open

The digital platform we’ve used gives you a 3D view of the art and offers a few ways to virtually wander around. We find the best way to view it is on a desktop or laptop screen, using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. 

Across all three rooms you can enjoy a mix of genres – landscapes, wildlife, portraits, still lifes, street, nightscapes, and black and whites. Our curator has created an exhibition that highlights the wonderful range of visions our members captured. There is something for everyone as you virtually visit.

Making your way around the exhibition

As you enter the exhibition, you have a few ways to enjoy the works on display. There are 3 rooms in front of you, with a darker floor in Room 2 to help you keep your bearings as you moved through the virtual galleries. The larger Rooms 1 and 3 have partitions in them, giving us more wall space for you to enjoy the works.

To start, simply click on the beautiful landscape photograph closest to you, and you are ready to enjoy wandering the exhibition. 

A ‘previous’ and ‘next’ button appear on the right-hand side of the screen, allowing you to work your way around the exhibition. You can also use your mouse or keyboard arrows to stroll around.

You can learn more about each photo through an information panel provided by the photographer. The platform doesn’t open information panels as you wander – you’ll have to do that for the ones you are interested in. 

If you want to see the images submitted by a favourite photographer, you can find a List of works in the upper right hand navigation panel. This panel also has the icon to view the gallery to full-screen mode, a help button about the platform, the return to start and start tour buttons, and a little more about the exhibition. The List of works follows the order of the exhibition. Sadly, it is not a searchable list, but it is easy to scroll through.

The platform offers an automated tour, to give you an overview of the variety of work on show. You can pause it at any time to spend longer with a photo and open the information panel, and return back to it, or the start, whenever you like.

Some of the images are for sale, others aren’t. If you’d like to purchase an image – or more – you’ll be able to connect with the photographer through the information panel to make arrangements directly. 

If you would like to learn a little more about the Society, please visit our Facebook page. Or get in contact through this website and one of our committee will be in touch. 

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and return again between 20 May and 19 June

Programme 2021-2022

If you’re new, details on how to join are on our membership page.

Further speakers and topics will be posted here as details become known.

Meetings this coming season will be held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm, on Zoom, unless noted otherwise.

06 October 2021

President’s Night

PPS President Graham Robb will welcome new and returning members, introduce the forthcoming season, and speak about some of the images he has created.

Hand-in: Four-Way Competition

13 October 2021

Member’s talk/ Workshop

Bring and Share

Bring some of your own images to share and discuss, in smasll groups

Hand-in: Main Cup

20 October 2021

Member’s talk/ Workshop

Tom Ryan – The Art of Digital Photography

We are all familiar with Tom’s night photography. He has been asked to give a lecture on “The Art of Digital Photography” to a the Tayside Art Society. Wednesday will be the first public outing of his new talk

27 October 2021

Speaker’s Night

Graham Dargie – Kenya and Scotland

Graham is a professional photographer, photography teacher and podcast host from Aberdeen, has been a professional photographer since 2005, teaching photography since 2009 with safari tours in Kenya since 2018.

03 November 2021

Competition: Main Cup

Judged by Ken Ness

10 November 2021

Speaker’s Night

Rowan Ramsay – Light painting

17 November 2021

Member’s talk/ Workshop

Lightroom processing

Spend a short session in each of four groups, with Ian Mackay, Mike Bell, Tom Ryan, Wol Gilbraith. Groups will look at: global/whole image adjustments; local/ selected parts adjustments; processing images of cities at night; organising your work so you can find things again

Hand-in: PKM Trophy

24 November 2021

Speaker’s Night

Paula and Guy Davies – Landscapes, cities, people, monochrome

Double Act 2′ includes some street work, architecture inside as well as outside, landscapes, night-time street work, close-ups, still-lifes, and some creative work. Mono is included as well as colour.

01 December 2021

Competition: Four-Way Competition

08 December 2021

Competition: PKM Trophy

Judged by Roy Robertson

15 December 2021

Speaker’s Night

Jeremy Malley-Smith – landscape photography

My favourite genres are wildlife, crazy macro and landscapes though I’m happy photographing anything that moves and anything that doesn’t!”.

22 December 2021

Christmas holidays

29 December 2021

Christmas holidays

Hand-in: Grant Cup

05 January 2022

Competition: Grant Cup; click for
Scoring Slip
List of Image Titles
Online Voting Form

Hand-in: Nan Borthwick Salver

Hand-in: Peter Rourke Salver

12 January 2022

Member’s talk/ Workshop

Malcolm Lind – topic to be confirmed

John Boyd – A Walk around Birmingham

19 January 2022

Speaker’s Night

Nadin Dunnigan – Wedding Photographer

“I believe great photographs come from a good relationship with your photographer. Someone who helps you feel at ease, make you giggle, and most importantly make you look amazing and happy in your photographs”

26 January 2022

Competition: Nan Borthwick Salver

Competition: Peter Rourke Salver

Judged by Sarah Hill (p30)

Hand-in: Colour Rosebowl

02 February 2022

Members’ talks evening.

This is your chance to show us your photos! This evening we welcome Hillary Sillitto, Sandy Swanton, Graham Robb and Omar Shamma. Topics include gannets, sailing, Italy, football and London street photography. These evenings are always relaxed, entertaining and informative. Don’t miss this one!

09 February 2022

External Competition: SPF Portfolio

From the DVD produced by the SPF, we look at the high-scoring images as entered to last year’s Portfolio competition from clubs around Scotland

16 February 2022

Competition: Colour Rosebowl

Judged by Nicola Shepherd

23 February 2022

Members’ talks evening.

Here’s another chance for you to share your photos with us! This evening we look forward to hearing from Tom Ryan, Alastair MacIntosh, Martin Samson and John Boyd. Topics include, ‘The Story Behind One Picture’, ‘Ice and Fire’, ‘The Most Beautiful Cruise in the World’ and a visit to China. Intrigued? To find out more, come and join us!

02 March 2022

Speaker’s Night

Alison Taylor ARPS – “Not just the Lakes”

“I specialise in seascapes and coastal photography using different techniques to capture the many moods of the sea. However, I also have presentations based on my visits to the Lake District and Yorkshire”

Hand-in: Dall Cup

Hand-in: Simpson Cup

09 March 2022

Competition: Dall Cup; click for
Scoring Slip
List of Image Titles
– Online Voting Form – will be available on Zoom on 09 Mar 22

Competition: Simpson Cup; click for
Scoring Slip
List of Image Titles
– Online Voting Form – will be available on Zoom on 09 Mar 22

16 March 2022

Workshop. ‘How to get that great photo!’

This evening, we will have presentations from Alan Edwards, Sandy Swanton, Wol Gilbraith and Ian Mackay. They will cover a range of topics aimed at improving our photography. These will include looking at basic design principles and how these can be applied to your photography. We will discuss competitions, with an emphasis on external competitions. This will include photo selection and how each competition is judged. To conclude the evening, there will be a demonstration of how one raw file was converted into an award-winning image.This should set you up nicely for your summer photography!

23 March 2022

AGM for 2021-22

30 March 2022

End of season, Prizes, etc

A new exhibition … soon

Perthshire Photographic Society is pleased to invite you to join us for our free virtual exhibition from Thursday 20 May. 

Proudly partnering with the 2021 Perth Festival of the Arts, we are delighted to present more than 100 photographs from 30 members that celebrate our interests across the photographic spectrum – from landscapes, wildlife and portraits, to night, street, still life and fine art.

Stroll virtually through our exhibition rooms and be inspired by the visions from our members as they’ve captured moments that touched their hearts. 

Our members have experience from beginners to working professionals, from those who’ve had an active long-standing love of seeing the world through a lens to those who are rediscovering a passion of long ago.

The exhibition will run Thursday 20 May to Saturday 19 June. We’ve created a short video to give you a hint of some of the photos on show in the exhibition. We hope you’ll come back to virtually wander around the three rooms on show.

Links to the exhibition will go live on 20 May 2021.