Upcoming – The 4-Way Battle

This week, it’s the Annual 4-Way Photographic Competition, better known as the 4-Way Battle. It’s PPS’s turn to host, and we’ll be welcoming our regular co-battlers from Dundee and St Andrews Photographic Societies (the usual fourth club being indisposed for the time being). We’ll have a visiting judge again, from the Scottish Photographic Federation again, who will score the prints and the JPGs each out of 20, and the club with the highest combined score will be declared the winner. 

As with last week’s Main Cup, for many of us it’s the judge’s comments that are the real value of these occasions, on both our own images and on those of others. Not forgetting the conversation stimulated amongst ourselves as we compare the judge’s comments with our own impressions. 


New faces are still welcome to attend two weeks on a trial basis, to see if you’d like to join us for the season. For those who are ready to join, the online Membership Form for the season is open. The membership subscription of £55 can be paid by BACS or by cheque – details are in the membership form.