Last Night – the Main Cup

Exciting – our first competition of the season, and our first in-person competition since Mar 2020. Welcome back! The Main Cup was well-entered, with images from half the membership, representing a broad spread of experience, from seasoned old hands to fresh first-season-ers.

Visiting judge Ken Lindsay, from Eastwood PS, showed a handful of his own images, before giving his comments on ours in a relaxed and accessible manner. Some of the common themes are common to all, regardless of what camera we use – the importance of deciding where to stand and how much to include in the frame. Other themes concerned the processing of the image, with some reference to the ever-popular Lightroom, but there are alternatives out there to suit all budgets, including very good free software.

It’s always a treat to see what we’ve all been working on. Whatever the comments, the cream tends to float to the top, and we always enjoy comparing notes on which bits of crushed walnut seem to sink to the bottom. In this way, although we can learn from the judge’s comments, we can also we can learn a great deal from each other.

Winning entries are on our Galleries page.