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Print Images

All prints must be submitted in mounts that are 40cm x 50cm. The consistent mount size is to ensure that:
a) they are not bigger than the transportation boxes, and
b) they are not so small as to either damage the prints of other members, or be damaged by excessive movement in the boxes (though the mounting board may be relatively yielding to our skin, they are not so to the surface of digital or darkroom prints).

Please ensure that the reverse side of the mount is free of any roughness or sticky patches as these can damage another print stored underneath. Best practice is to sandwich the print between the mount and a sheet of card or mount board. Name the print directly onto the reverse of the mount, not on a sticky label that can peel away and affect other prints.

Prints must be named on the reverse, as follows:
– Priority level (outlined in the general guidelines)
– underscore
– Your membership number, as a two digit number (7 becomes 07, but 13 remains 13)
– underscore
– Image title

For example:
B_13_Phrantic Photons

Prints should be handed to the competition secretary on or by the specified hand-in date (normally 3 weeks before the competition).
Prints may also be left at E-Computers, 15 Kinnoull St, Perth PH1 5EN in time for the competition secretary to collect them from there on or before the hand-in date.
If you leave entries at E-Computers, please alert the competitions secretary in good time to say what you’ve done, otherwise your actions may go un-noticed and your entry excluded – email

Print stands

On the night of a print competition, we need to build the portable print stands – here’s how. The rubber-band bit is at 00:45 in the video …..