Last Night – the Grant Cup digital competition

For our first night back after the break we met for the Grant Cup – this is our digital image competition on a theme, and this year’s theme was: ‘Time’.

Quite how the photographers interpret the theme is entirely up to them – literal, poetic, humourous, abstract. However you approach it, to do well you need to come up with a crowdpleaser, because the voting is by us, the members.

The concentration is palpable as each of 48 images is projected, three times, and handwritten notes are made. 5 marks to our favourite, 4 marks to the second, and so on.

Then all the phones get turned on, and we submit the scores through our online voting form.

Placings are known right away, and we have a further look at the top five images, and hear something of how they were made. There’s time too for another look at some of the others in the field, including some from this season’s new members.

Congratulatons to our winners. As always, these are posted to our Galleries. And congratulations to everyone who entered, and who gained experience and confidence in the process.