Last Night – Members’ Night: Flash, Still, Miniature

Three speakers, three presentations, three insights. And our first time in the former cafe space downstairs, where there is room for this season’s numerically vast membership.

Graham persuaded Lizzie to model while he talked us through the pros and cons of various approaches to lighting a portrait with flash – face on, bounce, bounce and reflector, plus a backdrop.

Vicky told us about how she produces her wonderful still life compositions, with ideas for subjects, backdrops, and lighting. Giving thought to form, colour, and placement, she showed how simple items can become something magical.

Tom, with some help from Yvonne, shared his love of HO-scale miniature figures from the model railway shop. With his camera tethered to his laptop so we could all follow the action on the big screren, they built up an image of a clear-up job at the crunchie foundry.