Last Night – David Queenan: Mountains, seashores, and cities

The publicity for David’s talk, in particular the images on his website, had given us some clues of what to expect. On the night, it was astonishing just how many awards and competitions he’s won, and what an extraordinary body of work he’s produced.

David talked us through his taking of so many oustanding photographs. If there are common threads to be found, how about:

Think graphically. David’s background in graphic design shone through in many of his compositions.

You don’t need to travel far to find great images. When it’s all about the light, the location can be anywhere. David wrapped up with a series of images all taken within 2 miles of his house in Bo’ness, on the banks of the Forth.

When you find a promising location, keep visiting it until you get what you’re after. How many trips to Loch Rusky?, to get the right amount of mist on the boats?

Get there early. Maybe it’s the dog-walking, or the commute to work, but David’s no stranger to the early starts, and that does increase his hit rate of sunrises. He even got one in Perth!

So let’s be inspired. Let’s set the alarm, and see what’s in our own back yard.