Upcoming – Graeme Youngson: Urban photography, with a dash of chiarascuro

Our new 2023-24 season is under way, for anyone with an interest in Photography, and living within Perth, Perthshire, Perth and Kinross, and surrounding areas in Scotland. 

Next up, our second Speaker: Graeme Youngson is an accomplished street photographer from Aberdeen. Of particular interest is his use of ‘chiarascuro’ technique to produce dramatic high-contrast black and white images.


Newcomers are very welcome to register online, and come along to meet us for a couple of weeks, with no commitment. That gives you the chance to decide if you like what you see.
Or you can jump straight in with new or renewed membership.
Either way, go to the online form at How do I join? to register.Our Facebook Page has other posts you can share – https://www.facebook.com/PerthshirePhotographicSociety