Upcoming – First-time exhibitors at Birnam

We all like a good photo, do we not – but do the photos we take match what we feel when we take them? How can we convey ‘that moment’ better? 

Many PPS Members have found that joining a club gives them greater insight into how to take and make a good photo. 

Our exhibition in Birnam Arts has over 50 prints, with another 70+ digital images on display – and around half of these are by new members who have never exhibited before. 

“Following my dream trip to Antarctica in December 22 I joined the Perthshire Photographic Society, which has greatly helped me to grow my photography skills through the support, guidance, and inspiration of other members” – Nicole

“Until now, I have never shown any of my photographs to anyone other than my family and friends. I do enjoy photography, and thanks to my PPS mentor, I now have the confidence to show some of my images” – Paul 

You can catch their work at our current exhibition at Birnam Arts, which runs until 08 Oct. 

Exhibition page – https://www.perthshirephotographicsociety.org.uk/exhibitions/birnam-2023/

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