Birnam 2023 exhibition opening

Perthshire Photographic Society is one of the oldest of its kind in Scotland, maybe even the UK. Lots of PPs members are very experienced photographers. 

We have been closely involved with Birnam Arts for many years, running a biennial exhibition of work until Sun 08 Oct 23. The 2023 exhibition is in place, and was informally opened on Saturday with a gathering of almost 50 members and their significant others. 

But this year, something is different. In 2023, many of our exhibitors are new to PPS, some are even new to photography, and are showing their work, in public, for the very first time. For many people it is quite a daunting challenge – to print your picture, get it framed and hang it on a gallery wall for strangers to look at. This year, more than half of our prints are by people who have never exhibited in public before. Come along. Take a look at the pictures and give your feedback. 

The prints are just upstairs from the cafe, which is itself an ideal destination for light meals and snacks, and quick to get to from Perth now all the lanes on the A9 are fully open. Also accessible by train!