Last Night – Selfies and Audio-Visual

You really had to be there. Not just for the Selfies, and the AV’s, but to marvel at David regaling LIzzie and Vicky with whatever out at the tea table. Thank you, tea team, for keeping us going.

Meanwhile, back in the hall, the Selfie competition entries have been shown, and people are casting their votes on our online voting form, which calculates the scores and the placings while we enjoy chat over tea and biscuits. And later, in the dark, the voting on the AVs too. Congratulations to all our entrants for such creativity.

The winning entries are over on this year’s Gallery page. The Top 5 Selfies are there. The top AVs are all listed too, and some will even play. If an AV doesn’t play, it’s because it’s got copyright music on, and we can’t share it online. Which brings us back to the first paragraph – you really had to be there.