Last Night – Roy Robertson in New Zealand

There was something of a ‘planning’ theme running through last night’s meeting. From Ian and Roy make sure of getting the slideshows set up beforehand, and Ian then giving us an outline of the programme for the coming weeks.

Roy’s tale was of a trip that was planned as one thing, but which turned out to be quite another. To Australia and New Zealand to visit family and tour the sights – sounds straightforward enough. But in hindsight, early 2020 wasn’t the best time to go, and the plans were disrupted by Covid lockdown in a foreign country, and a lot of re-planning to get home at all.

During his extended stay, in a small town in North Island, it was the morning photo walks that gave Roy a sense of normality.

The strong narrative thread through Roy’s presentation gave a sense of the benefit of starting out with a plan, and being prepared to adapt it to suit changing circumstances.