Last Night – Home Training Ground revisited

For our final Members’ Night of the season, we met upstairs, where it’s less formal than the lecure theatre, and the Home Training group shared what they’ve been up to these last few months. In December, John Boyd had set a photographic challenge to those of us looking to get more confident with both camera and processing. This developed into a wee study group who have been meeting to practise specific camera techniques, and then to process the images to bring out their best.

Lizzie Rawlings presented first, and spoke of how these training sessions have opened her eyes to new ways of seeing, as well as giving her the confidence to capture that in her camera.

Alistair Dewar couldn’t attend, and John presented his images. Even in John’s second-hand telling of the tale, Alistair’s delight at sucessfully photographing moving water was clearly evident.

Paul Trodden shared examples of his progress, and his excitement at how far his photography has moved forward in the space of a few months, with regular and attentive practise. Even for Paul, himself no stranger to public speaking, the increase in confidence was obvious.

The evening wound up with a lively (but never rowdy) discussion of black’n’white photography, taking some of John’s images as the starting point, and inviting comments from the membeship. Overall, a very sucessful format for an evening.