Last Night – Nan Borthwick and Peter Rourke Salver competitions

As our judge for the Nan Borthwick and Peter Rourke Salver competitions we welcomed Eva Christie, local creative, reformed musician (her words!), and director of the Scottish Yarn Festival and the Scottish Wool Producers Showcase, to bring a fresh perspective on the photography of our entrants.

It is our custom to invite visiting judges to start by sharing with us a little of their own work, and Eva described her visual axes as being of colour and texture. As she talked through her impressions, and what she liked about each image, her thoughtfulness became clear.

As one of our number emailed afterwards – ” I thought Eva had done a superb job as a judge and had clearly put a lot of thought and work into the task of being a judge. It gave us a refreshing different outlook on our hobby. Well done to the Committee for getting her”.

Quite so. She’d looked — she’d really looked – at all the images. What better compliment can anyone pay to our images than to look at them?

The top picture shows Eva with Sandie and her winning entry in the Peter Rourke. And, significantly, a happy-looking audience! Winning images are, as always, posted on our galleries pages as we get them.