Last Night – Four of our own

Another Members’ Night last night, and another evening upstairs in the Sandeman Room. The presenters get to sit if they wish; we get to see the images on the large-screen telly rather than projected; and we get to sit closer to both the images and to each other. All of this works to the benefit of the evening for those who come, and yesterday we were so many we had to fetch extra chairs.

We had a chance to hear from two of us who joined this year. David Allan gave an overview of his ’50 years, but not counting’ photographic journey, from a Zenit 35mm wih no film in, to a modern digital, with a consistent sense of fun. Bob Bain showed us what he’s been doing to capture images of wildlife with varying numbers of legs – birds, mammals, butterflies and spiders, and even some fish.

We also heard from Tom Ryan speaking about some of the legal and ethical aspects of street photography, taking photographs of people unawares, and the gradations between public and private spaces. And after the break, David Hay wowed us with more of his images, this time from winter walks near his home in snow, frost and mist. Some of the conditions he captured lasted mere minutes. His motto last night – ‘when in doubt, go out’.