Last Night – The PKM Trophy

Last night we were treated to an evening of judging of our mono prints, for the PKM Trophy competition. Doug Berndt from Edinburgh PS did the honours, and cast his judicious eye over our 35 prints. His commentary included his appreciation of the impact and story of each image, before considering composition and technical matters, and an assessment of photographer input.

Being a print competition, Doug also made a point of noting the choice of paper type for each entry, which for the most part he found to be appropriate to the image thereon. And he noted how helpful it is to judges when entries include a white-paper border between the image and the mount, the better to assess how the highlights appear on the chosen paper.

We met in the more intimate surroundings of the Sandeman Room, upstairs. As for the 4-Way the previous week, prints were shown on the new display stand, this time illuminated by a pair of rather large studio softboxes, before being moved to the bamboo stands around the walls. To see each print from a good angle, and to keep out of the way of the audience, Doug delivered his commentary, and his laser pointing, from the back of the room.

Winning images can be found on our Galleries page.