Last Night – Richard Fox

For our third week, our first visiting speaker of the season – Richard Fox. RIchard has been photographing initially Devon and more recently Stirlingshire with both a sense of the grand and an intimate eye. He showed us how it’s really not essential to go far from home to find striking compositions or spectacular light. As befitting one with images in the Royal Meteorological Society’s book ‘Weather Photographer of the Year’, he took us round the calendar in his local area, with a look at the Trossachs and nearby in sunshine, rain, fog, mist, snow, and rainbows, lots of rainbows. He also shared tips on how to study weather apps ro predict where these conditions are likely to form, to best photographic effect.

During summer, when conditions arguably aren’t so conducive to landscaping (sunrise and sunset being either very early or very late), he likes to spend time with butterflies, too, and spoke of his tips for photographing them naturally in their surroundings with shallow depth of field.

His images, and his gentle thoughtful aproach, were greatly enjoyed.