We start on Wednesday

There’s now less than a week to go before we’ll be back together again! 

It’s been two years, but we’ll be meeting in person, in the warm, in the library, with real speakers, and real prints – still careful, just all a bit more real. There is also the option of an informal friendly something together in the New County Hotel afterwards, for those that want. 

The Membership Form for the new season is open, in good time for our first night on Wednesday 05 Oct. The membership subscription of £55 can be paid by BACS or by cheque – details are in the membership form. Of course, new faces are welcome to attend two weeks on a trial basis – to see if you’d like to join us for the season. 

We’ve got a varied mixture of speakers and workshops for the first few weeks, as shown on our Programme page. As a heads-up, it’s only 4 weeks until the hand-in on 26 Oct for the Main Cup – this one’s for digital images. And 7 weeks until the hand-in on 16 Nov for the PKM Trophy – that’s for mono prints. Now’s a good time to check your printer!

We look forward to seeing familiar – and new – faces in the Library at 7:30pm on Wednesday 05 October.

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