Programme 2019-2020

Invitation to Non-members

Hi, if you have an interest in photography, why don’t you come along to the first two evenings this season, with no commitment, and see whether the Society is an organisation that you might like to join. Make yourself known to one of the committee members and we will look after you. Also please note that we are offering tickets to non-members, for a small charge, for two of our evenings when we have two of the UK’s top photographers visiting us – Mark Hamblin and Alex Nail. See below for details – 30th October 2019 and 5th February 2020.


All meetings are at 7.30pm in the A K Bell Library, York Pl, Perth PH2 8EP.
The Soutar Lecture Theatre is the venue on all nights except those marked ‘Sandeman’ when we will meet in the Sandeman Room upstairs (same entrance) but may then split up into other areas of the Library First floor. See the ‘Finding us’ page for full venue information. Meetings conclude around 9.30 – 9.45pm

Oct 9 President’s Night and Welcome. Soutar Theatre (downstairs). President Malcolm Lind will introduce himself and will welcome you all to a new season at Perthshire Photographic Society. During the evening, committee members will also introduce themselves and will provide you with information about this season’s programme and competitions. Registration will take place during these first few meetings and membership cards will be issued. Please remember to bring a cheque book or cash to pay for your membership! Please see our Information Page

Oct 16  Workshop evening – Sandeman Room (upstairs) – Image critique. The main aim of this first workshop is for us all to meet each other and to make new members feel very welcome. We will split into 5 or 6 groups and will look at a number of images during the evening. Each table will have one of our more experienced members who will act as a coordinator. We would ask each of you to bring with you 3 images, either as prints or on a laptop/tablet. Groups will move around the tables during the evening and we will offer advice on what makes a good image. If you don’t wish to bring in any of your photos, that’s okay! We want you to enjoy the evening!

Oct 23 – Bernard Longley ARPS and Keith Fisher ARPS DPAGB. ‘How to Prepare an Audiovisual Presentation.’  Bernard and Keith, visiting us from Lancashire, are experts and judges in the field of audiovisual work and they will show us how to put together an effective audiovisual presentation. They visited Dundee PS five years ago and their presentation has encouraged members there to get involved in video production. During this tour of Scotland, Bernard and Keith will also be visiting Dundee PS and Milngavie & Bearsden Camera Club. So, if you wish to do well in our audiovisual showcase in March, you had better be here this evening!

Oct 30- Mark Hamblin. ‘Wild Scotland.’

We are really fortunate this evening to be able to welcome one of the UK’s foremost professional wildlife and landscape photographers, Mark Hamblin.

Mark is a director with ‘Scotland:The Big Picture’; he is an author and he is a regular contributor to many wildlife and photographic magazines. You can find out more about Mark here:

Mark’s presentation will contain photos and video from around Scotland and he will include some of his landscape photos along with his wildlife images. Mark lives within the Cairngorms National Park and offers guided photography tours. We have also invited him to include some information about ‘rewilding Scotland’, a topic that will be dsicussed at The Big Picture Conference in Stirling in September ( This promises to be an inspiring and informative evening that you won’t want to miss!

Since Mark is such a highly regarded speaker, we are offering a limited number of tickets to non-members, for a small charge, via Eventbrite. Now you can invite your friends and family to come along for the evening. PPS members DO NOT need a ticket! Here is the Eventbrite link where you can buy tickets for non-members:

• HAND IN for MAIN CUP (See details on Competitions Page)

Nov 6 – Faye and Trevor Yerbury. This evening we are delighted to welcome two photographers who are highly respected both in Scotland and internationally. Trevor Yerbury has received many accolades during his career as a portrait photographer and he has exhibited his work all over the world. He is passionate that his work is simple and elegant with a classic, sophisticated look. Faye Yerbury has received many awards for her portraiture, wedding and avant-garde work, and for her classical nudes. She has also held exhibitions in many parts of the world. You can find out more about Faye and Trevor here: • HAND IN for FOUR-WAY BATTLE (See details on competitions page)

Nov 13  Workshop evening – Sandeman. Portraits/Still Lifes. One of the main aims of this evening is to allow members to work together and to give you the chance to get to know each other. If you have ever wondered how to make your portraits or still lifes stand out, you should not only rely on good technique, but you should always aim to be creative as well. This workshop is designed to allow your imagination to take flight and to allow you to create something quite memorable on the night! The format for this evening is completely different to that of our previous portrait/still life workshops. You will work in small groups and will be presented with a challenge! Some props will be available. You may wish to bring your own. The work that you produce will be presented at the end of the evening. The only thing that you need to bring with you is a phone camera or a small compact camera. And your imagination!

Nov 20  Main Cup Competition – 3 digital files. Your choice of subject. (See Competitions Page)
• HAND IN for PKM TROPHY  (See details on Competitions Page)

Nov 27 Four Way Battle Competition between Perth, Dundee, St Andrews and Glenrothes, hosted by Perth

Dec 4  Workshop evening – Sandeman. Practical Skills – Malcolm Lind will lead a station on multiple exposures and blending images, Mike Bell, Wol Gibraith and Graham Robb will run Lightroom stations (Graham’s station will be on monochrome) and Jimmy Herd and Davie Moran will demonstrate mount cutting for printed images. Bring images with you on USB sticks or SD cards. More details on our Facebook page.

Dec 11  PKM Competition – Up to 3 monochrome prints. Your choice of subject. (For definition of ‘monochrome’ see Competitions Page)
• HAND IN for GRANT CUP  (See details on Competitions Page)


Jan 8  Grant Cup Competition – Up to 3 digital filesThe theme for this year is “Isolation”. (See details on Competitions Page). We will be judging this competition ourselves and so you might find it useful to have a pen and paper with you to make notes as we show the images.
• HAND IN for NAN BORTHWICK SALVER and PETER ROURKE SALVER  (See details on Competitions Page)

Jan 15  Members’ Night – Sandeman.  This evening we are giving you the chance to show us some of your photos! It’s meant to be a relaxed and enjoyable evening, with no formal talk or script required. Digital images will be shown on a large monitor and you are also welcome to bring along prints. These have been really successful evenings during the past two years! If you would like to be involved, please contact the programme secretary David Moran ( There is also a second Members’ Night on 11th March. This evening we are pleased to welcome Jimmy Herd who will show us some slides (remember those!), Sandie Smith talking about travel photography and Graham Robb showing us his expertise at taking photos at football matches. Malcolm Lind will round off the evening by discussing entries for the Birnam exhibition which takes place during September 2020 and which has the theme ‘Unexpected’. This promises to be a really interesting evening!

Jan 22 – Niall Benvie. ‘Greater Than 2 Seconds.’ Niall Benvie has worked in environmental communications for many years as a photographer, designer and writer. He has published 6 books and is a columnist for ‘Outdoor Photography’ magazine. He believes that the biggest challenge that photographers face today is retaining the audience’s attention for more than a couple of seconds. Even extraordinary images of, for example, diving kingfishers or shows of northern lights, barely earn a second glance. Niall’s presentation looks at some of the innovative techniques that he uses to catch the viewer’s eye and to hold their attention. This presentation should appeal to photographers of all genres who are looking to improve their photography. You can see some of Niall’s work here:

• HAND IN for COLOUR ROSE BOWL  (See details on Competitions Page)

Jan 29 Nan Borthwick and Peter Rourke Competitions. These are print competitions. (See details on Competitions Page)

Feb 5Alex Nail. Landscape photographer. ‘Mountain Adventures.’

We are delighted to welcome Alex Nail this evening. Alex is a full-time landscape photographer based in Bristol. He came to international attention in 2017 when he won the Mountain Category of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards with a beautiful photo of Uxatindar in Iceland. A couple of weeks later, he was announced as the overall runner-up in the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year.

This evening Alex will discuss his approach to landscape photography in wilderness and mountain areas. There will be ‘tales from the trail’ from Greenland, the Drakensberg, Scotland and Iceland, discussing sublime and disastrous experiences! He is an expert at shooting time-lapse films and he is going to give us some insight into some of the techniques that he uses for this.

Because Alex is such a popular photographer, we will be offering a limited number of tickets to non-members, for a small charge, via Eventbrite. PPS members DO NOT need a ticket! Here is the Eventbrite link where you can buy tickets for non-members: You can read more about Alex, and watch his ITN interview, here:

Feb 12 Colour Rosebowl Competition (Sandeman) – Up to 3 colour prints. Your choice of subject. (See details on Competitions Page)

Feb 19Stan Farrow.  ‘Ebay, Cardboard and Milk Bottles – the Making of an Exhibition.’ This is an intriguing title for what promises to be an intriguing evening! Many of you will have met Stan Farrow before, either when he last visited us in 2014 or at photo societies in Dundee or St Andrews. He is hosting an exhibition of his work at the Discovery Point Café Gallery in Dundee from 13th July until 17th October 2019. Stan is a creative digital photographer and he often uses software to create digital art with layers of texture. As his title suggests, this talk will be about how he prepared for his latest exhibition. He will be showing us lots of prints from the exhibition and may also use some projected images. Here is more of Stan’s work:

Feb 26  Scottish Photographic Federation Portfolio 2019 evening. The SPF Annual Portfolios is a competition featuring Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints and Digital Images. The competition is open to clubs and individuals and takes place in May each year. The event is judged by three judges and the highest scoring entries form the ‘Annual Portfolio of Accepted Prints and Projected Images’ for the year. Portfolio shows of the accepted entries are then made up on a disc for clubs to show on a club night. So, this evening we will be showing you those projected images and prints that came top in the competition in 2019. Along with the images you will see the scores that they were awarded, the title of the photo, the name of the photographer and the name of the club that they represented. Once again, David Hay has very kindly agreed to host this evening. You won’t want to miss his authoritative, witty and entertaining commentary that accompanies the images!

• HAND IN for DALL CUP (SELFIE COMPETITION)  (See details on Competitions Page) (or email in by Feb 29th)

• HAND IN for SIMPSON CUP (AUDIOVISUAL COMPETITION) (See details on Competitions Page) (or email in by Feb 29th)

Mar 4 Selfie Competition (Dall Cup) and Audiovisual Showcase. (description based on last year – subject to change) This evening will be split into two different activities.
We start with a Selfie Competition. A ‘selfie’ is a picture of yourself taken by yourself using a handheld camera/phone camera. Selfie sticks are allowed, but tripods and remote controls are not allowed. You can enter up to 3 photos, for digital projection, but please rate them in order of importance e.g. A, B, C etc, in case we have to restrict the number of photos that we show. More information is available here: Competitions Page. The audience will be the judges and will vote for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, Highly Commended and Commended. The Dall Cup will be awarded to the winner of this competition.
The second part of the evening will be an Audiovisual Competition. You are invited to submit an audiovisual presentation of up to 5 minutes duration. Full details of the rules are on the internal competitions page and you must abide by these rules. The Simpson Cup will be awarded to the winner of this competition .

Mar 11  Members’ Night – Sandeman.  This is your chance to show us some of your photos! It’s meant to be a relaxed and enjoyable evening in the Sandeman Room, with no formal talk or script required. Digital images will be shown on a large monitor and you are also welcome to bring along prints. This evening we welcome David Stanghon who will show us some of his work, including macro photography, and Kate Slattery, who will show us some of her photos. Duncan McNab will demonstrate how he puts together his audiovisual presentations and Raymond Leinster will talk about his two main photographic interests, wildlife photography and cycling event photography. Once again, this promises to be a very entertaining evening! The programme for the evening has been coordinated by programme secretary David Moran (

Mar 18 AGM / Member talk. POSTPONED. In an effort to combat coronavirus, the AGM is postponed until further notice. The first part of the evening will be devoted to our Annual General Meeting. There should be time later for a member presentation, or an auction of equipment, if required.

Mar 25  End of Season Dinner with prize-giving. All PPS members and partners are welcome. POSTPONED. In an effort to combat coronavirus, this dinner is postponed until further notice.