Guidelines for exhibition submissions

Birnam Arts Centre Exhibition ‘Wild Scotland’ September 2 – 29, 2018

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 15th August 2018.

The exhibition area is upstairs with space for around 40 – 60 prints (depending on size) fixed to the walls or hanging rods. You are asked to supply your prints framed with D-rings and cord ready to hang, plus an attached note stating your name, the image title, a short description (optional, max 50 words) and the price (if for sale). Selling of exhibits is entirely optional and PPS is not involved with sales – your exhibits can be offered for sale if you wish, with Birnam Arts Centre taking commission (25% plus VAT on the commission). You may use club frames to exhibit – PPS owns about 35 plain white-painted wood frames which are suitable for 50x40cm mounts. These frames are available on loan by request but cannot be sold.  If you want to offer your print for sale unframed then you will need to supply a second print in a mount packaged ready for sale. Birnam Arts Centre staff cannot be expected to remove prints from frames to sell them. You may wish to supply a number of unframed mounted prints for a sales box. All submissions and sales items must be wrapped suitably for transporting in a van and handed in by August 15th.

Members new to exhibiting are encouraged to ask for help from the more experienced members. If you need help choosing images, printing, mounting or framing please get in touch with the president. Various committee members are ready to offer practical assistance.

Finally, the dates. We have all day on Saturday 1st September to do the hanging and there will be an opening reception at 2pm on Sunday 2nd. The exhibition is then open every day until Saturday September 29th. We dismantle on Sunday 30th. Birnam Arts Centre is open 7 days a week from 10am to 4.30pm. We do not staff the exhibition ourselves, the Birnam Arts Centre staff supervise it from downstairs. We will need 3 or 4 volunteers for the hanging, the reception and the dismantling and offers of vehicles for transporting exhibits on those weekends would be appreciated.

Guidelines for sales of exhibits and other items at the exhibition

The exhibition venue is a commercial gallery and they will handle sales at the exhibition. They will take commission at the rate of 25% plus VAT on the commission. Many buyers are tourists and will want to take the exhibit away that day, otherwise it will be marked sold and left until the closing day. Sellers may be asked if they have a reserve print to fill the gap. You do not need to leave your contact details with the Arts Centre unless you want to. They can contact you via the Society.

Guidelines for self-promotion at the exhibition

At the exhibition the Society itself will be promoted with posters and/or leaflets. In addition many of our individual members like to promote their photography to gain work, find projects to help with, make sales or just become famous. You are welcome to use the exhibition to this purpose within limits. You can put your web site URL as part of the image description for an exhibited print. You can supply a poster (max A4 size please) about yourself or your web site to be displayed on a table. You can supply a pile of leaflets (A5 or A6 size works best) and/or business cards to go on the table for visitors to take away. Please supply any promotional material along with your submissions or bring it along at the hanging or opening.

Mike Bell, President