Competition Galleries 2021-2022

Grant Cup 2022

Competition held 05 Jan 2022

Just a Drop of Pepper, by Yvonne Deed, 1st
The Man In the Mall, by Tom Ryan, 2nd
Tokyo Flow, by Tom Ryan, 3rd
Wailing Widow Falls, by Tim Haynes, Highly Commended
Storm, by Mike Bell, Commended

PKM Trophy 2021

Competition held 08 Dec 2021

Lone Tree, by Mike Nicoll, 1st
Bin Man, Coutties Wynd, by Tom Ryan, 2nd
Country Singer, by Alan Edwards, 3rd
Harbour, by Sandie Smith, Highly Commended
Kilchurn Castle, by Graham McKenzie, Commended

Main Cup 2021

Competition held 03 Nov 2021

Stuttgart City Library, by John Boyd, 1st
St Brides Kirk, by John Boyd, 1st
Mountain Hare, by John Boyd, 1st
Eurasian Eagle Owl in Flight, by Alan Edwards, 2nd
Fighting the Current, by Alan Edwards, 2nd
Standing Tall, by Alan Edwards, 2nd
Temples of Mammon, by Tom Ryan, 3rd
Lothian Road, by Tom Ryan, 3rd
Life in Scone, by Tom Ryan, 3rd
Feuille morte, by Graham McKenzie, Highly Commended
A Restful View, by Graham McKenzie, Highly Commended
A Nice Walk to the Point, by Graham McKenzie, Highly Commended
Folk Singer, by Yvonne Deed, Commended
Squirrel Feeding, by Yvonne Deed, Commended
Hawkmoth, by Yvonne Deed, Commended