2018 – 2019

All meetings are at 7.30pm in the A K Bell Library, York Pl, Perth PH2 8EP.
The Soutar Lecture Theatre is the venue on all nights except those marked ‘Sandeman’ when we will meet in the Sandeman Room upstairs (same entrance) but may then split up into other areas of the Library First floor. See the ‘Finding us’ page for full venue information. Meetings conclude around 9.30 – 9.45pm

Oct 10  President’s Night and Welcome. Soutar Theatre (downstairs). President Mike Bell will welcome you all to a new season at Perthshire Photographic Society. He will introduce himself, tell you a bit about the Society and will talk about his photographic interests. It’s possible that several other members of the committee may also introduce themselves during the evening. Registration will also take place during these first few meetings and membership cards will be issued. Please bring a cheque or some cash with you! (Membership costs £45 for adults, and £25 if aged 18-25. The cost is £10 for students in full time education. Please see our Information page.)

Oct 17  Workshop evening – Sandeman Room (upstairs). Photo Clinic. Malcolm Lind will coordinate the evening. We will divide into small groups and discuss a number of prints (provided by committee members), with particular emphasis on composition. The aim of the evening is to give us all a chance to meet each other and to learn about photography by discussing the merits (or otherwise!) of the photos provided. This is intended to be a relaxed and fun evening!

Oct 24 – Jo Cound. ‘Tenacious Trees and Silver Alchemy.’ We are delighted to welcome local artist Jo Cound this evening. Jo lives in Crieff and specialises in photographs of the natural world, in particular, photographs of flowers, trees, moss, fungi and insects. Her images are captured on film and digitally. Many of her images are hand printed in her darkroom. Jo’s talk this evening celebrates the magic of the silver print and the process involved in producing images traditionally (referred to as ‘analogue’ images these days.) Jo will show us the large format and pinhole cameras used to produce her images, and will tell us how they work. She will also talk about film and processing, and how she achieves the print quality that she desires. For Jo, the print is paramount and she hopes to show us its versatility and magic. She will be bringing with her some hand printed images that she printed in her own darkroom. This promises to be a very entertaining evening! Jo has exhibited at many local exhibitions and craft fairs, and also in London, Edinburgh and at Kew Gardens. You can see some of her images here:

Oct 31 – Dave Hunt – ‘Alternative Printing Methods.’ It’s a pleasure to welcome another local artist this week, Dave Hunt. Dave lives in Killin and is a fine art photographer. He very much enjoys creating prints using many of the original processes invented over 100 years ago. This evening he will talk about, and demonstrate, the Victorian wet plate collodion process. (Dave will probably also include a second topic. Details to follow.) You can read more about Dave here:

Nov 7 – We have booked a really exciting and interesting photographer for this evening! Full information will be posted here just as soon as we have agreed some final details with her. This will be an evening not to be missed! Watch this space!

Nov 14  Workshop evening – Sandeman. Print workshop. The aim of this workshop is to show you how various committee members go about their printing, and to give you a chance to learn how to submit photos for our print competitions. The workshop will be pitched at various levels of complexity! Malcolm Lind will demonstrate printing from an iPad; Mike Bell will show you how to print from Lightroom; Ian Mackay and John Melbourne will do their best to show you how to print from Photoshop! (That will also involve using Lightroom and/or Adobe Camera Raw.) Graham Robb has also offered to demonstrate printing, and so we hope that you will learn a lot about printing during the evening, regardless of how experienced you are. (Details to be finalised.)

Nov 21  Main Cup Competition – Up to 3 digital files. Your choice of subject. (See Competitions page.)

Nov 28 – Ian Cameron. Landscape Photographer. ‘Transient Light.’ Making a welcome return to the Society this evening, is landscape photographer Ian Cameron. Ian is based up north in Forres, Moray, and he believes that composition, timing and light are what make a good landscape photo. He runs landscape photography workshops in Norway, and in Central and Northern Scotland. This evening, the overall theme of Ian’s talk is the preparation and planning required for successful landscape photography. His presentation will be interspersed with short videos of the landscapes that he visits and will include a variety of landscape related themes. You can see some of Ian’s photos here:

Dec 5  Workshop evening – Sandeman. Portrait workshop. Although the turnout was low for our previous portrait workshop, the committee members have decided that this is an important workshop and we have decided to repeat it. Perhaps we’ll look at changing the format slightly, and maybe we might include a bit more tuition. More details to follow. Your input is welcome!

Dec 12  PKM Competition – Up to 3 monochrome prints. Your choice of subject. (See Competitions page for definition of ‘monochrome’)


Jan 9  Grant Cup Competition – Up to 3 digital files. Theme is ‘Simplicity’ this year.

Jan 16  Workshop evening – Sandeman. Member talk evening. Rather than have a workshop this evening, we are giving you the chance to show us some of your photos! This was a really successful evening last year and so we have decided to run two of them this year. We will be looking for about 5 or 6 members to talk for about 10 to 15 minutes each. The Sandeman Room provides a really informal setting for presentations. It’s meant to be an informal and enjoyable evening and no formal talk or script is required. Just put some photos up (preferably digital projected images, but prints are welcome if you prefer) and say as much, or as little, as you wish about them. Please contact programme secretary Ian Mackay at to let him know that you would like to get involved.

Jan 23 – Des Ong. Wildlife Photographer. ‘Captivating Nature – Wildlife of Britain and Beyond.’ We are really fortunate to have world-class wildlife photographer Des Ong visiting us this evening. Des, who is based in England,  just happens to be in the Perth area running a workshop, and he has very kindly agreed to come and talk to us. Des carries out a lot of his photography in Indonesia, Madagascar, Uganda and Costa Rica. The result is that he captures beautiful photos of some unusual animals and birds and we very much look forward to seeing some of those. This evening, Des will showcase some of the projects that he typically tackles over a 12 months period, providing a glimpse into his life as a wildlife photographer. He will take you from the high mountains of Norway to the rainforests of tropical South-east Asia. He will share his ideas, approach and techniques with us. As well as still photos, Des will include short video clips to help bring the journeys to life. This is definitely an evening that you won’t want to miss! You can see some of his images here:

Jan 30 Nan Borthwick and Peter Rourke Competitions Judge: Frank To. These are print competitions. Full details are on the Competitions page.

Feb 6 – Neil Barr. Landscape Photographer. ‘From There to Here.’ A number of us in the Society having been following Neil Barr on Facebook for some time. He has posted many beautiful photos of Scotland during the past couple of years. Quite incredibly, Neil only started taking photos 4 years ago, and now he is a professional photgrapher. This evening, he tells us how, and why, he turned to landscape photography. It’s a very interesting story and so we look forward to an entertaining evening. You can see some of Neil’s photos online:

Feb 8 (Friday) – PSNS talk by Paul Gallagher. Soutar Theatre. ‘Transitions.’ This talk is sponsored and organised by our parent body, the Perthshire Society of Natural Science (PSNS). However, PPS was responsible for organising this evening’s speaker, Paul Gallagher. Paul is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers. In this talk, he tells us about how he has had to transition from large format black and white photography to colour, and infrared, digital photography. He has promised us that this talk contains lots of unpublished material and that it will be a very entertaining evening! Paul has written a number of books about black and white photography, and he is co-owner of the very successful landscape workshop company ‘aspect2i.’ This will be a ticketed event and it will be very popular. You may wish to make sure that you book a ticket once they go on sale. More information about ticket sales will be posted here when it is available. You can see some of Paul’s images here:

Feb 9 (Saturday) – Workshop with Paul Gallagher – ‘Processing and Printing.’ Only 6 places available. Please note: no bookings are being taken yet (and no waiting list either). Following on from his talk above, Paul has agreed to run two workshops for us. He will cover colour workflow and printing, and B&W workflow. He will show you the challenges and differences of both . He uses Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom and Photoshop for his processing and printing. Paul, along with colleague Michael Pilkington, runs the Epson Print Academy. It will be a lecture based day and during the afternoon Paul will process and print one photograph from each member. Location for the workshops is the ‘Morning Room’ in the Royal George Hotel in Perth. Teas/coffees and a sandwich lunch will be included in the price. Details on price and booking will be announced by president Mike Bell at some future date. The cost will be considerably less than you would normally pay for one of Paul’s workshops, though. To be eligible to attend, you will have to be a paid up Society member for 2018/2019, and under the new data protection laws, you will have to have given the Society permission to contact you by email. There is the possibility that we may try and organise a dinner on this Saturday night, at a local restaurant, for Paul and any workshop attendees who wish to come along. You can see some of Paul’s work here:

Feb 10 (Sunday) – Workshop with Paul Gallagher – ‘Processing and Printing.’ Only 6 places are available. Please note: no bookings are being taken yet. The details for this workshop are the same as for the one above. See the note about a possible dinner on the Saturday evening.

Feb 13  Workshop evening – Sandeman. Member talk evening. This is the second of our member talk evenings. You are encouraged to participate! Once again, we will be looking for 5 or 6 members to talk for about 10 to 15 minutes each. It is aimed at being a relaxed and informal evening, with no script or formal talk required. See the details for January 16th. James Herd has already offered to talk and show us some ‘slides’ (for those of you who remember what ‘slides’ are!) Please contact programme secretary Ian Mackay at

Feb 20 Colour Rosebowl Competition – Up to 3 colour prints. Your choice of subject. (For prints that cannot be defined as monochrome.)

Feb 27 – Scottish Photographic Federation Portfolio 2018 evening. The SPF Annual Portfolios is a competition featuring Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints and Digital Images. The competition is open to clubs and individuals and takes place in May each year. The event is judged by three judges and the highest scoring entries form the ‘Annual Portfolio of Accepted Prints and Projected Images’ for the year. Portfolio shows of the accepted entries are then made up on a disc for clubs to show on a club night. So, this evening we will be showing you those projected images and prints that came top in the competition in 2018. Along with the images you will see the scores that they were awarded, the title of the photo, the name of the photographer and the name of the club that they represented. The photos will be accompanied by an authoritative and entertaining commentary, once we have organised someone to do this! If you want to see some great photos, and if you are looking to improve your own photography, then you need to be here this evening!

Mar 6 – Al Buntin. ‘The End Result.’ Once again, it is a pleasure to welcome a local photographer this evening, Al Buntin. Al is a member of the Dundee Photographic Society and has visited us in Perth in previous years. Al worked as an artist in the UK and in the USA, mostly in the Greeting Card Industry. He has also had several childrens books published. Currently, he paints in acrylics and watercolour. His main photographic interest is in photographing people. He also explores digital imagery and manipulation, and this leads to some quite unique and unusual photos. This evening, Al will be using prints for his talk, rather than digital projected images, and he will be handing out his prints to audience members so that you can see them close up. The majority of prints will be of people and will be composite images manipulated in Photoshop. Look forward to being entertained! You can see some of Al’s photography here:

Mar 13  Workshop evening – Sandeman. Selfie Competition and Audiovisual Showcase. This evening will be split into two different activities. We start with a Selfie Competition! This is a new and light-hearted competition. A ‘selfie’ is a picture of yourself taken by yourself using a handheld camera/phone camera. Selfie sticks are allowed, but tripods and remote controls are not allowed. You can enter up to 3 photos, for digital projection, but please rate them in order of importance e.g. A, B, C etc, in case we have to restrict the number of photos that we show. Files to be emailed to Wallace Gilbraith 2 weeks before today’s date. More information to follow by email. We hope to see some humorous and original selfies! The audience will be the judges and will vote for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, Highly Commended and Commended. We hope that the second part of the evening will be an Audiovisual Showcase. We encourage you to make a video of up to a maximum of 6 minutes in length and to show it on the evening. The video can consist of still photos, video clips or a mixture of the two. Hopefully, it might tell a story and be accompanied by music and/or text. If time permits, Ian Mackay will do a short demo showing how easy it can be putting together a short video using Photodex ProShow Gold software, which is not too expensive. Hopefully, that may encourage more of you to show videos next year.

Mar 20 AGM / Member talk. The first part of the evening will be devoted to our Annual General Meeting. There should be time later for a member presentation, or an auction of equipment, if required.




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