2017 – 2018

All meetings are at 7.30pm in the A K Bell Library, York Pl, Perth PH2 8EP.

The Soutar Lecture Theatre is the venue on all nights except those marked ‘Workshop’ when we will meet in the Sandeman Room but will then split up into other areas of the Library First floor. See the ‘Finding us’ page for full venue information.

Meetings conclude around 9.30pm but members and visitors are encouraged to join us afterwards for a drink at the New County Hotel at the corner of County Place and New Row.


Oct 11 – PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Meet the President (Mike Bell) / Introduction to new members / Meet some of the committee / A word about workshops and competitions / Mike’s photographic year (This meeting and the next are designed to be a good introduction to the club).

Oct 18 – Workshop evening (sharing expertise) – We split into three groups and visit three stations in turn:  1. Setting up your camera (Malcolm Lind & Tom Ryan) / 2. Surprisingly serious photo processing on an iPad (Tim Haynes) OR Processing from RAW in Lightroom (Mike Bell) / 3. Mounting a print (Ellis Welch of Dunn’s Art Stores). In addition there will be a rolling demonstration throughout the meeting of 3D scanning and 3D printing by Les Sutherland of the A K Bell Library using their newly acquired HP Sprout

Oct 25  – Malcolm Lind, demonstration of studio portrait photography using Polaroid film then ‘Sex and death – is that all he photographs?’

Nov  1 – Karen Thorburn, a freelance landscape, commercial and wedding photographer and writer based on the Black Isle near Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, recently featured on BBC Countryfile.

Nov  8 – Workshop evening – Image critique. Bring along prints (A5 or A4) on the themes Shadow, Blur, Reflection, Fantasy, Still Life. We would like each member to take a photo under each of the headings and bring them along on that evening. We propose to put everyone into groups to discuss and show photos (critique) within that group. After the break everyone will gather and put photos under headings for everyone to see, followed by discussion e.g. which photo under each heading did a group prefer and why? This will be as much a social evening as anything else so a good way for new members to get an idea of the variety of photos which can be produced.
Organisers – Fiona and Malcolm Lind.


Nov 22 – Hugh Goring, Director of Frames Gallery, Perth – Hugh has agreed to talk to us specifically about our NAN BORTHWICK/PETER ROURKE SALVER COMPETITIONS (see Competitions page for details) to help clarify the meaning of their entry specifications and how to approach meeting them. Examples will be shown. He has also agreed to contribute his own expertise/examples on the history of photography/art relating to the two competitions.

Nov 29 – Workshop evening – Still Life. Please bring along a camera, a tripod and some objects to photograph. Some backdrops will be provided. Annette Forsyth, Vicky McNamara, Jimmy Herd and Roben Antoniewicz have each volunteered to lead a small group based around a table. Hopefully, there should be time at the end of the evening to review some of our images.


Dec 13 – Member talk evening. We have two presentations to look forward to this evening! David Hay will start off the evening with a talk about ‘Tokyo Street Photography’ in which he will show us photos from his recent visit to Japan. That will be followed, after the break, by a presentation from Raymond Leinster who will talk about both wildlife and sports photography.


Jan 10 – Philip Price from Loch Visions ‘Beavers, why a camera club should care?’ This evening we welcome one of Scotland’s leading wildlife photographers, Philip Price. Philip is founder and guide for ‘Loch Visions’, an award winning Scottish Wildlife Photography and Tour business based in Argyll. Philip offers wildlife photography workshops and a variety of other wildlife photography services. He has been involved in natural history film making, as a guide, presenter and expert contributor, for wildlife centres, for the BBC, and for numerous production companies. He has appeared on ‘Countryfile’, ‘Landward’ and ‘Scotland Outdoors’, and also in many publications, including magazines and national newspapers. This evening’s talk will be about beavers.


  • HAND IN for NAN BORTHWICK/PETER ROURKE SALVERS (see Competitions page for details)

 Jan 24 – Dougie Cunningham – ‘Photographing Scotland.’ We are delighted to welcome one of Scotland’s leading photographers this evening, Dougie Cunningham. Dougie first became interested in photography during the days when he did a lot of climbing and kayaking. He enjoyed being outdoors and so it was easy for him to transition to landscape photography. He became a regular contributor to ‘The Great Outdoors’ magazine and had a total of five covers for them last year. He has featured on the BBC’s ‘One Show’, the ‘Fred MacAuley Show’ and on ‘Scotland Outdoors.’ However, perhaps his biggest challenge has been putting together his book ‘Photographing Scotland’, which has just been published (November 2017.) It is an extensive photo-location and visitor guidebook of Scotland. It lists 280 photo locations in Scotland and contains over 800 photographs. Dougie will show us some of his photographs this evening and talk about his book. He will bring some copies of his book for sale, so be prepared for that! Dougie also specialises in events and wedding photography. You can see some of his images here:

 Jan 31 – Workshop evening – Portrait Photography. Please bring along costumes and props to add interest to the portraits we will make using studio lights. We will be our own models – volunteers please! Stations to be led by Jimmy Herd, Roben Antoniewicz and Mike Bell


Feb 14 – Scottish Photographic Federation Portfolio 2017. The SPF Annual Portfolios is a competition featuring Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints and Digital Images. The competition is open to clubs and individuals and takes place in May each year. The event is judged by three judges and the highest scoring entries form the ‘Annual Portfolio of Accepted Prints and Projected Images’ for the year. Portfolio shows of the accepted entries are then made up on a disc for clubs to show on a club night. So, this evening we will be showing you those projected images and prints that came top in the competition in 2017. Along with the images you will see the scores that they were awarded, the title of the photo, the name of the photographer and the name of the club that they represented. David Hay will provide an authoritative and entertaining commentary to accompany the photos! If you want to see some great photos, and if you are looking to improve your own photography, then you need to be here this evening!

Feb 21 – Workshop


Mar  7 – Shahbaz Majeed from Frame Focus Capture

Mar 14 – Workshop

Mar 21 – Member talk/AGM



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