The new season is about to start

Welcome to the start of the 2021–22 season. With continued uncertainty around room capacities, we’ll use Zoom for our meetings. We start off on Wed 06 Oct, 19:30, with our President’s Night, and a chance to hear from some of the Committee. During October we’ll enjoy a presentation by Graham Dargie on the 20th and member’s talk/workshops on the 13th and 27th.

Time to renew your membership

With the start of the new season, it is time to complete the online application form again, which can be found on the Membership page of the PPS website. If you prefer to see if PPS is for you, we are delighted to welcome you to join us for a couple of trial weeks while you get to see how we enjoy our Wednesday evenings through the cooler months.

It will be great to see everyone again, to start our next season.

Playing with Light is OPEN

We are delighted to welcome you to visit Birnam Arts for a relaxing time to enjoy some of our favourite photos in our next exhibition!

Birnam Arts
The mezzanine is filled with light, a beautiful way to enjoy the exhibition
The gallery also has quiet corners to enjoy the works
Perthshire Advertiser covers the opening

The Exhibition is nearly ready!

Final preparations are being made as the team puts the finishing touches to the new exhibition, Playing with Light, which officially opens on Friday morning.

The cafe is open, happy to serve you a delicious coffee and baked treat.

With covid restrictions, we will start with an informal launch from 10:30am, for anyone who is able to join us as we celebrate the beautiful perspectives we each see around us.

Birnam set up – getting things laid out across the gallery space
Birnam set up – getting things laid out across the gallery space
Birnam set up – measuring twice, even once on the walls
Birnam set up – measuring twice, even once on the walls
Birnam set up – checking it all from different angles
Birnam set up – checking it all from different angles
Birnam set up – fairly happy with how it is all coming together
Birnam set up – fairly happy with how it is all coming together
Birnam set up – on to the next wall
Birnam set up – on to the next wall
Birnam set up – there are also smaller items that might be just the thing you are looking for
Birnam set up – there are also smaller items that might be just the thing you are looking for

Birnam Arts, Station Rd
Oct 1-24 — Wed to Sunday, 10am-4pm
Masks required indoors

Playing with Light

a new exhibition at Birnam Arts

Throughout the past decade or so, PPS members have come together every couple of years to bring an exhibition of members’ work at Birnam Arts. We are delighted to announce that after a delay last year, our next exhibition opens to the public on Friday 1 October and will run through until Sunday 24 October. 

Playing with Light exhibition at Birnam Arts, October 1-24, 2021

Playing with Light brings together more than 50 pieces from 19 photographers, and we are delighted to invite you to stroll the gallery space to join us. In addition to the framed pieces, members have created a short digital display showcasing more than 70 favourite photos for your your enjoyment.

Many of the framed photographs are for sale, with a range of unframed and smaller items available for you to choose from. There are some photographs that are not for sale – thank you for understanding that not all photographers wish to sell the artwork they are exhibiting.

Our online catalogue will go live on the 1st — it highlights each photographer and shows you their works in the exhibition.

We are delighted to be partnering with Birnam Arts again. Birnam Arts is open Wednesday to Sunday between 10am and 4pm. The gallery can be found on the mezzanine level, accessible by the staircase or an elevator. And the café and shop are also open to help make your outing to Birnam an enjoyable experience. Please note that masks are required inside the building. 

We hope that you will consider visiting the exhibition more than once between 1–24 October – between Wednesday and Sunday each week – and enjoy our different perspectives of Playing with Light.

The exhibition is open

There are many joys in taking photos. For some it is about learning a new skill and finding a way to express your creativity. For others, it is capturing a moment in a favourite place, even if it is the only time they’ll be there. Some of us take a photo simply for ourselves – others take them to share with as many as possible.

We are delighted to announce that the spring 2021 exhibition is now open for viewing, as part of the Perth Festival of the Arts. While we can’t welcome you to a physical show this year, we have curated an online exhibition with more than 100 photos displayed over three rooms. 

Perthshire Photographic Society virtual exhibition is now open

The digital platform we’ve used gives you a 3D view of the art and offers a few ways to virtually wander around. We find the best way to view it is on a desktop or laptop screen, using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. 

Across all three rooms you can enjoy a mix of genres – landscapes, wildlife, portraits, still lifes, street, nightscapes, and black and whites. Our curator has created an exhibition that highlights the wonderful range of visions our members captured. There is something for everyone as you virtually visit.

Making your way around the exhibition

As you enter the exhibition, you have a few ways to enjoy the works on display. There are 3 rooms in front of you, with a darker floor in Room 2 to help you keep your bearings as you moved through the virtual galleries. The larger Rooms 1 and 3 have partitions in them, giving us more wall space for you to enjoy the works.

To start, simply click on the beautiful landscape photograph closest to you, and you are ready to enjoy wandering the exhibition. 

A ‘previous’ and ‘next’ button appear on the right-hand side of the screen, allowing you to work your way around the exhibition. You can also use your mouse or keyboard arrows to stroll around.

You can learn more about each photo through an information panel provided by the photographer. The platform doesn’t open information panels as you wander – you’ll have to do that for the ones you are interested in. 

If you want to see the images submitted by a favourite photographer, you can find a List of works in the upper right hand navigation panel. This panel also has the icon to view the gallery to full-screen mode, a help button about the platform, the return to start and start tour buttons, and a little more about the exhibition. The List of works follows the order of the exhibition. Sadly, it is not a searchable list, but it is easy to scroll through.

The platform offers an automated tour, to give you an overview of the variety of work on show. You can pause it at any time to spend longer with a photo and open the information panel, and return back to it, or the start, whenever you like.

Some of the images are for sale, others aren’t. If you’d like to purchase an image – or more – you’ll be able to connect with the photographer through the information panel to make arrangements directly. 

If you would like to learn a little more about the Society, please visit our Facebook page. Or get in contact through this website and one of our committee will be in touch. 

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and return again between 20 May and 19 June

A new exhibition … soon

Perthshire Photographic Society is pleased to invite you to join us for our free virtual exhibition from Thursday 20 May. 

Proudly partnering with the 2021 Perth Festival of the Arts, we are delighted to present more than 100 photographs from 30 members that celebrate our interests across the photographic spectrum – from landscapes, wildlife and portraits, to night, street, still life and fine art.

Stroll virtually through our exhibition rooms and be inspired by the visions from our members as they’ve captured moments that touched their hearts. 

Our members have experience from beginners to working professionals, from those who’ve had an active long-standing love of seeing the world through a lens to those who are rediscovering a passion of long ago.

The exhibition will run Thursday 20 May to Saturday 19 June. We’ve created a short video to give you a hint of some of the photos on show in the exhibition. We hope you’ll come back to virtually wander around the three rooms on show.

Links to the exhibition will go live on 20 May 2021.

a new season…

My name is Graham Robb. I’m delighted, honoured, and not a little surprised to have been elected President of Perthshire Photographic Society for the next two years. 

Whilst this is obviously a testing time for any group which normally meets face-to-face, it’s testament to the flexibility and resilience of the Society and it’s members that under the stewardship of my illustrious predecessor we have not merely continued, but have flourished!

I’m confident that we will build on this and continue to thrive, amicably harnessing the creative energies, photographic talent, and combined experience of both well established and new members.

Facebook Group: Perth Photo Forum

We’ve re-named our Facebook Group, and added some notes on how we might best use it.

Perth Photo Forum provides an online place to learn from discussion of photography, by and for the people of Perth, Perthshire, Perth and Kinross, and surroundings. The Group’s privacy setting is Private, which means you have to apply or be invited to join, and posts are not visible to anyone other than its members.
However, anyone with an interest in the subject and a connection to the area is welcome to join.

The Group is hosted by Perthshire Photographic Society (PPS), which also provides real-world meetings, activities and outings for its members (subject to covid) – keep an eye on this site and our FB Page Perthshire Photographic Society. Many, but not all, members of this group are also members of PPS – it’s optional.

Thank you all for your amazing images and your involvement in the group! Please show support in the form of likes and comments to our new members.

SPF Portfolio Evening 2020

Last night we watched the Scottish Photographic Federation’s annual presentation of their awards for digital and printed images, both colour and monochrome.

Our member David gave a running commentary on the photos.

David gave a commentary on the SPF Portfolio